“Odin and The Spaces of Computational Design and Fabrication: Abstract Mathematics, Virtual Geometries and Physical Manifestations”

Opening Reception and Keynote, April 24th, 600 – 800 p.m., Colgate University, Meyerhoff Auditorium, 101 Ho Science Center

Symposium, April 25th, 830 am – 415 pm, Colgate University, Meyerhoff Auditorium, 101 Ho Science Center; Full Schedule

Keynote Speaker: Gregory Epps, Robofold, London

 Panelists: Gregory Epps, Robofold , London; Marc Fornes, Architect, theverymany , New York; Tomaz Pisanski  Mathematics, University of Ljubjiana; Thomas Tucker  Mathematics, Colgate University, emeritus; Edoardo Tibuzzi, AKTII Engineering London; DeWitt Godfrey Professor of Art and Art History  Colgate University; Dan Hambleton, Mesh Consultants Toronto; Elodie Fourquet , Colgate University; Chase Jackson, Colgate University ’13

The creation of “Odin” was supported by the Picker Interdisciplinary Science Institute at Colgate University. The three-year research project lead by DeWitt Godfrey, artist, brought together mathematicians Thomas Tucker and Tomaz Pisanski, architect and engineer Daniel Bosia and a group of associate researchers – to engage with mathematical, computational and structural questions that could only be addressed by collaborative team of investigators with complementary expertise. From the outset we chose not to use mathematics and computer science to solve engineering problems, instrumentally demonstrate mathematical forms or fabricate existing physical models but rather intended these methods to generate ideas, mechanisms and processes in a process of form and problem finding. The project applied the analytic and productive power of mathematics and computer science at the heart of the creative process – in order to create structures that reflect the complexity of the natural systems that these digital platforms emulate and to investigate further their mathematical implications.

This symposium brings together members of the original team, our associate researchers and fabricators and practitioners at the cutting edge of digital design and fabrication.

Support for “Odin and The Spaces of Computational Design and Fabrication: Abstract Mathematics, Virtual Geometries and Physical Manifestations” at Colgate University comes from Colgate’s Arts Council, the Picker Interdisciplinary Science Institute and the Department of Art and Art History.


PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATORS DeWitt Godfrey, Daniel Bosia, Tomaz Pisanski, Thomas Tucker RESEARCH PARTNERS Chase Jackson ‘13, Nino Basic, Edoardo Tibuzzi, Jeoron Jansen, Mei Chan, Daniel Piker FUNDING Picker Interdisciplinary Science Institute at Colgate University, Damhnait McHugh and Daniel Schult, Directors DESIGN AND ENGINEERING AKT II; Daniel Bosia, Edoardo Tibuzzi, Joeron Jansen, Mei Chan MATERIAL  SUPPLIERS Central Steel Service, Preston Kelly Sawmill, Curtis Lumber, McMaster-Carr, Interstate Plastics, Liftech FABRICATION Custom Laser, Inc., Pololu Laser Cutting RIGGING JPW Riggers TRUCKING PJ Price, Robert Thomsen, Scott Fitzpatrick SITE RESTORATION Baker Excavating ASSEMBLY AND INSTALLATION Chase Jackson ‘13, Cole Hodges, Tina Dillman, Peter Leone, Duane Martinez, Emily Fritze, Greg Owens, Jonathan Schaller, Alyssa Chaulkin ‘14, Tom Bartlett ‘14, Katherine Norbom ‘14 CARPENTRY AND INSTALLATION Todd Thomsen and Allan Huff COLGATE ADMINISTRATION, FACULTY, STAFF President Jeffery Herbst, Dean Doug Hicks, Trish St. Leger, Brian Hutzley, Joseph Bello, Patrick Leamy, Rich April, Amy Davidson, Rob Bachman, Lois Wilcox, Mike Jasper, Bob Pils, John Nelson, Andrew Fagon, Dan Gough, Jeff Corbin, Chuck Haurik, Jim Albertina, Mark Kane, Mark Button, Brenda Melvin, Barbara Brooks, Matt Hames, Dan DeVries, Brian Ness, Gert Neubauer, Rebecca Schemerhorn, Steve Ciolek SPECIAL THANKS Don Feola, Bob Williams, Josh Trimble, Edsel Hodges, Keith Woods, Jason Walling, Matt Ellis, Arthur Rodriguez, Ed Rooter and crew, Cooper Jackson, Peter Scull, Roger and Susan Bauman, John Novak, Jeff Hauser, Aaron Wright, Travis Dubois, Gregory Epps, Andres Gonzalez, Damhnait McHugh

 To my family, without whom none of this would be possible, Monika Burczyk, Gemma and Georgina

 “Odin” is dedicated to Brooks Godfrey 1936 – 2013


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